Kingdom Investors put financial resources and research into growing our capacity.

Over the years we’ve enjoyed the involvement of many people who have invested in the vision of Father’s House Church. This process has gone by many names, like Spartan or the m2 initiative.  Three years ago we finally summarised it all as Heart 4 the House.

Heart 4 the House is an opportunity for everyone to invest in the future of our church. The Kingdom Investors are a specific category of givers who sow R12k or more per year, over and above tithes, towards building a church that builds a city.

While everyone can sow into H4TH irrespective of amount, Kingdom Investors will be invited to participate in the planning.

This annual offering has become a powerful place of involvement for business people who have little time to serve on the Dream Team, but offer their resources and business knowledge to help us build a church that builds a city beyond.

Banking details

Kingdom Investors
Account Number: 6265 361 8565
Ref: KI & Your Name

Partner with us

Twice a year we have a Kingdom Investors Dinner. This is a gathering of people who are currently, or have been in the past and/or want to be involved in the Heart 4 the House special giving initiative.

Pastor George shares on the vision for Heart 4 the House and explains how your investment will be used to further the kingdom and impact our city.

We also seek advice on projects, for example, a long term facility possibility, or an in-house project such as improving our Kids Church experience for both kids and parents, including other topics listed below:

– Upgrade of North End broadcast equipment

– FH TV online

– Kids Church

– Social justice initiatives, such as the expansion of the Red Band Barista Academy and the support of the A21 Walk for Freedom.

If you would like to get involved, please sign up below or email for more information.